The Writing Edge for Business Writers: 2/6/15

Feb 6, 2015 | Better Writing

You’re a businessperson. You may not think of yourself as a writer, but you know that writing well can boost your results and your career. Naturally, you want to do better. Every week I point you to one or two pieces that I think will teach you something or spark an idea or two. This week I’m pointing you to pieces on accelerated blog growth and how Bernadette Jiwa writes.

From Robert Kramers: 3 Tips for Accelerated Blog Growth & Online Visibility

“Here are the three super-effective blogging strategies for building your reputation online.”

Wally’s Comment: It may take you some time to mine this post. Each of the three tips has lots of details.

From Demian Farnworth: Here’s How Master Brand Storyteller Bernadette Jiwa Writes

“Not many people can claim they single-handedly created the new marketing model for the 21st century. And did it simply with a five-column graph called The Difference Map. Well, Bernadette Jiwa can.”

Wally’s Comment: Demian Farnworth does a great job with this series. It’s always an interesting read and always sparks an idea or three.

Sources I Check Regularly

I find the posts and articles that I share with you on The Writing Edge in many places. But there are a few that provide insightful pieces again and again. Here they are.

The CopyBlogger Blog


Digital Book World

Becky Robinson’s Weaving Influence