Writing Tip: The Firefighter Rule

Apr 8, 2014 | Better Writing

Firefighters are heroes. After all, they’re the ones who rush into a burning building when everyone else is trying to get out.

That’s how we think of firefighters most of the time. We think of them fighting fires and sometimes saving lives. But what do they do when they’re done?

When the fire is out

When the fire is out, the excitement is over. The news crews pack up and leave. Bystanders wander away. The firefighters get busy in a different way. They get busy preparing for the next fire.

They make sure their equipment is in working order, cleaned, and properly stowed. They make sure supply stocks are replenished. Then they’re ready to go the next time the bell rings. That’s a good example for you.

The Firefighter Rule

When you’re done with a writing session, don’t just feel good, stand up, and go on to something else. Follow the firefighters’ example.

Save your files. Check your work plan and your supplies. Make any notes you need so you can start your next writing session with a burst of productivity.

Make sure you’re ready to go the next time the bell rings. Finish your writing session by getting ready for the next one.