Write it down!

Apr 12, 2022 | Everything Else

Writing is all around us every day. It’s so much a part of our daily life that we don’t give it much thought. But writing is an amazing tool that can make your business and life better. Here are a few ways.

When you’re working on a book

You may be one of the readers of this blog who wants to write a book. You’ll be tempted to try to plan it all out first. Resist that temptation. Start writing. When you do, ideas, possibilities, and problems will rise up.

While you’re working on your book, there will be times when you get stuck. When that happens, give yourself a break and come back fresh. Then start writing. Don’t ponder, don’t plan, and don’t procrastinate.

Discover inspiration by writing. Write it down!

When you get a good idea

Human beings get good ideas all the time. We get them when we’re working, when we’re in the shower, when we’re walking the dog, or when we’re puttering about in the garden. When you get a good idea, you may think you’ll remember it later, but you won’t.

If you don’t capture your idea right away, it will flit away like a butterfly on the wind. When you get a good idea, don’t wait, write it down!

When you want to remember something

There’s a saying that, “the palest ink is stronger than the strongest memory.” When you write something down, you have a record you can return to. You don’t have to rely on memory.

The act of writing something down also helps you remember. The physical act of writing strengthens your memory. When you want to remember something, write it down!

When you’re trying to solve a problem

When you’ve got a problem to solve, don’t just roll it around in your head. Instead, work out your thoughts on paper. I suggest that you write by hand. That slows you down and makes you more reflective.

Follow the example of Dwight Eisenhower. When he faced a tough problem, he wrote himself a memo. In the memo, he analyzed all the facets of the problem and worked out possible solutions. What worked for Ike will work for you. Write it down!

When you want to communicate clearly

Writing forces you to be precise. You must choose the precise words you want to use. You must arrange them to convey exactly what you want. Writing offers you the opportunity to go over your message several times to improve it.

Writing can improve your oral communication. Perfect your message by writing it down. That will prepare your mind and make your speaking more effective. No excuses now. If you want effective spoken communication, write it down!

When you want to say “thank you”

Thanking people is more than good manners. It also fosters your wellbeing.

My mother wrote three thank you notes every day of her adult life. I’ve tried to live up to that standard, but I haven’t quite made it. I’ve done enough, though, to know that thank you notes have a big impact. And handwritten thank-you notes have immense power in these days of e-mail. When you want to say “thank you,” write it down!


When you’re working on a book, write it down.

When you get a good idea, write it down.

When you want to remember something, write it down.

When you try to solve a problem, write it down

When you want to communicate clearly, write it down.

When you want to say, “thank you,” write it down.

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