Book recommendations for business leaders: 11/17/16

Nov 17, 2016 | Reading Lists

Stephen King says that if you want to be a writer, there are two things you must do: read a lot and write a lot. This is about the “read a lot” part. I include reading lists and book reviews that will help you do business more effectively and write better for business.

In this post, I point you to a creativity reading list, some billionaires’ reading recommendations, and the books that Mark Zuckerberg’s book club read and discussed.

From Jessica Stillman: 7 Books That Will Make You an Idea Factory

“The more ideas you have zooming around inside your head, the more likely it will be that two of them will smack into each other, sparking a great idea. That’s the reason Andrew Ng, the co-founder of Coursera and the Google Brain project, reads so much.”

From Varun Chirumamilla: The Billionaire Reading List

“One would imagine that billionaires would be too busy raking in the moolah to find time for literary pursuits. As it turns out, business tycoons, like the rest of us, also turn to the pages of a book to find inspiration, motivation or simply engage in the sheer pleasure of reading. On this week’s edition of Libraries of Leaders, we take a look at the libraries of three highly successful entrepreneurs. Here is what Donald Trump, Peter Thiel, and Richard Branson read and recommend.”

From Shane Parrish: A Year of Books: 23 Book Recommendations from Mark Zuckerberg

“In 2015, Mark Zuckerberg did something slightly unusual for a CEO of a major technology company: He started a book club! In that year, Zuckerberg ended up recommending and discussing 23 books with the group — about one every two weeks. We found it a great list of interesting reads. Let’s check it out.”

Reading recommendations are a regular feature of this blog. Want more recommendations about what to read? Check out my Three Star Leadership blog, Michael McKinney’s LeadingBlog, and Bob Morris’ Blogging on Business.