Book recommendations for business leaders: 11/29/16

Nov 29, 2016 | Reading Lists

Stephen King says that if you want to be a writer, there are two things you must do: read a lot and write a lot. This is about the “read a lot” part. I include reading lists and book reviews that will help you do business more effectively and write better for business.

In this post, I point you to Lisa Bodell’s five essential books for innovation and simplification, a list of books that changed the lives of ten entrepreneurs, and Margaret Heffernan’s required reading.

From Michael Bungay Stanier: Lisa Bodell’s Five Essential Books for Innovation and Simplification

“I’ve always enjoyed talking with Lisa Bodell. She’s smart and insightful, and dedicated to helping people do the work that matters — always a cause close to my heart. Her latest book, Why Simple Wins, tackles how to reduce workplace complexity, get clarity and bring value to the organization. I can think of no one better to share with us her five essential books for innovation and simplification. Thanks, Lisa, for being my guest blogger today.”

From Nina Zipkin: 10 Successful Entrepreneurs Reveal the Books That Changed Their Lives

“Check out the books and authors these entrepreneurs say truly made them change the way they think about the world.”

From Theodore Kinni: Margaret Heffernan’s Required Reading

“By 2100, we are going to eradicate disease and colonize Mars. In a time when it can be hard to tell corporate leaders from sci-fi writers, Margaret Heffernan speaks more to achieving lofty visions than announcing them. The author, speaker, and executive coach is particularly interested in how to identify and empower talented people — a key trait of effective executives, whether they are bound for Mars or not.”

Reading recommendations are a regular feature of this blog. Want more recommendations about what to read? Check out my Three Star Leadership blog, Michael McKinney’s LeadingBlog, and Bob Morris’ Blogging on Business.

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