Book recommendations for business leaders: 1/5/17

Jan 5, 2017 | Reading Lists

Stephen King says that if you want to be a writer, there are two things you must do: read a lot and write a lot. This is about the “read a lot” part. I include reading lists and book reviews that will help you do business more effectively and write better for business.

In this post, I point you to discussions of Streaming, Sharing, Stealing: Big Data and the Future of Entertainment and Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation and Customer Choice.

From Wharton: How Technology Shocked the Entertainment Industry

“The world of entertainment has been undergoing an incredible change in the last decade because seismic shifts in technology have allowed numerous disruptors to enter the market. Companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Apple and others have made big Hollywood studios, TV networks and other traditional media outlets rethink how they approach the idea of success. Rahul Telang, professor of information systems and management at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and Michael D. Smith, professor of information systems and marketing at Carnegie Mellon, address this shift in their recent book, Streaming, Sharing, Stealing: Big Data and the Future of Entertainment.”

From the Harvard Business Review: The “Jobs to be Done” Theory of Innovation

“Clayton Christensen, professor at Harvard Business School, builds upon the theory of disruptive innovation for which he is well-known. He speaks about his new book examining how successful companies know how to grow.”

Reading recommendations are a regular feature of this blog. Want more recommendations about what to read? Check out my Three Star Leadership blog, Michael McKinney’s LeadingBlog, and Bob Morris’ Blogging on Business.