Business Writing Resource Lists: 12/29/15

Dec 29, 2015 | Resource Lists

If you write for business you’re always looks for tools and techniques that will help you do a better job. Fortunately, there are bloggers and writers out there willing to share things they’ve found helpful.

I share resource lists that I find all over so that you don’t have to spend time hunting them down yourself. Here’s a list of editing software.

From Carla King: Practical Editing Software for Indie Authors

“Because professional editors are so expensive (and worth every penny), the purchase of electronic editing software can be a smart investment. Here’s a review of the four best tools for authors offering “first-pass” or “last-pass” editing to clean up mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. These tools do much more work than the built-in spelling and grammar checkers in your word processor. They alert you to overuse of adverbs, clichés, redundancies, overlong sentences, sticky sentences and glue words*, vague and abstract words, diction, and misuse of dialog tags, to name just a few. Some of these tools will even connect you with a human editor with a click of a button.”

I like the fact that Carla King doesn’t offer these software programs as a substitute for a professional editor. And I like the fact that she does a great job of describing the different packages and includes screen shots to help.

Thanks to Joel Friedlander for pointing me to his article. His Book Designer blog is one of the best on the technical issues that go with self-publishing.

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