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3 questions about the future of publishing

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Predicting the future of publishing It’s easy to predict the future. The hard part is getting it right. We only know two things about the future for sure. One is that it will be different from today. The other is that nobody gets the details right. Even so, thinking about how things might change can prepare you to  »  Read More

Business books are different

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The future of which books? The Economist published a thoughtful essay on the future of books and publishing. I like it because of the sensible historical perspective. I wish it had more to say about business books. Business books are different The “business” in the Economist essay is the business of publishing  »  Read More

The Future of Books and Publishing

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The Economist has published a thoughtful essay on the future of the book, publishing, and authorship. One reason I like it so much is the historical perspective. The Adoption of Television In 1953, my father and mother purchased one of the first television sets in our town. The inspiration for this trend-setting move was  »  Read More

What’s a book to do?

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I’ve been a guest on Jim Blasingame’s Small Business Advocate show for more than a decade. I enjoy the banter, but a big reason I keep going back is that Jim is one of my friends who kickstarts my thinking. On a recent show, he did it with a question. What’s the future of the book when information is on  »  Read More

Self-Publishing: Two books that will help

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When clients ask me about self-publishing, I point them to two books. APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur-How to Publish a Book by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch does a great job of covering the opportunities and pitfalls. You’ll get as good an overview as possible of a fast changing area of business. APE will give  »  Read More

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