3 Questions to ask about your business book

Dec 22, 2014 | Writing A Book

The holidays are upon us. There will be plenty of party time and family time and, for most, less work than usual. That makes this a great time to think about that business book you want to write. Here are three questions to ask and answer.

What stories will I tell?

When I work with clients I usually ask them to identify the important stories they want to tell in their book. If you start with stories, interesting facts and learning points emerge.

What points do I want to make?

Once you’ve got your stories, ask what points you want to make. Learning points should emerge naturally from your stories, but they need to be converted to bullet points to gain perspective.

What research will I use to support my points?

Every chapter in your book should tell a story, make a point, and support the point with research. Figure out what research you have, and what you need to find or conduct.