4 secret benefits of original research for business authors

Jun 22, 2015 | Writing A Book

I think that writing a business book should be a research treasure hunt. That makes it more fun and original research is one of the three ways you can make your writing distinctive. That’s great for your book, but original research can also deliver four powerful benefits that no one talks about. That’s what makes them secret.

You can use your research beyond your book.

Sure you’re doing the research for your book, but once you have it, you can use it for lots of things. Think blog posts and speeches and more.

Original research gives you a competitive advantage.

One thing about original research is that it sets you apart from the competition. You can be the person that others quote.

You can use your original research to make your marketing more effective.

Original research can help your marketing. Issue news releases on the results of your research. Use what you learned to tailor your sales efforts for speeches and consulting work. Share your insights on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Original research builds relationships.

This is really the benefit with the most potential. You’ll talk to all kinds of experts as part of your research. They’ll be there for you after the research is done and some will turn into supporters and friends. Remember to share the glory and thank them publicly as well as personally.