A book is a living thing

Mar 2, 2015 | Writing A Book

If you’ve grown tomatoes, had a pet, or raised a child, you know something important about writing a book. That’s because tomatoes, pets, children, and books are all living things.

You can’t rush the process

It takes time for living things to grow and develop. You might want those tomatoes for dinner on Friday. You might pray that today will be the day your puppy is trained to go outside to “go.” You might wish that you could whisk your teenager right to adulthood. But you can’t

All living things, including books need time to grow and develop. If you rush the process, it won’t come out well. Take the time for your book to grow naturally and strong.

Living things will surprise you

There will be good surprises and bad surprises, but every season of tomato growing, every day with that puppy or that child or that book brings at least one surprise. Be prepared for them.

Living things want things that you don’t want

Sometimes books, like pets and children and even tomatoes want to do something different that what you’ve planned. Then you have two choices. You can tough it out and do what you planned. Or, you can adapt. Adapting usually works better.