A Lifetime Commitment

Aug 13, 2012 | Writing A Book

My friend Becky Robinson at Weaving Influence wrote a post last week titled “Why a Book Launch is Like a Wedding.” Read the whole post for some informed perspective on book launches. But here’s the part that caught my eye.

“We carefully prepare for each book launch celebration because a launch is a significant milestone and rallying point. But in the same way that a wedding marks the beginning of a marriage, so a book launch represents an important beginning to the promotion and sharing of a book and its message.”

Like a marriage, writing a book is a big deal. Like a marriage, writing a book changes your life forever.

Make sure you’re passionate about your subject. You need the energy that passion gives you to power through the writing process and the launch, but you also need that passion to keep up with new developments in your topic.

Make sure you’re writing about something that will make a difference to others and to you. Your book will become the basis for speeches and workshops and other products that will enrich your life and your bottom line if you choose well.

Writing a book is really a lifetime commitment to the topic, because your book will live forever. So choose your topic wisely.