Advice from the Masters: Rod Santomassimo

Oct 14, 2015 | Writing A Book

Rod Santomassimo’s first book, Brokers Who Dominate, came out in 2011 and has been a consistent best seller on Amazon ever since. His second book, Commercial Real Estate Teams Built to Dominate has just been released.

Like many business authors, Rod wrote both his books while building a business and his career. I asked him what one piece of advice he would give someone who wanted to write a business book.

“There are a lot of good reasons to write a book. It’s a lot of effort and passion, blood, sweat and tears, and late nights to truly write a book. But all those reasons and all that effort won’t make much difference if the book doesn’t sell. You have to ask yourself who will buy your book and why. That’s my one piece of advice: really understand your target audience, what their objectives are, and why would they will buy your book.”

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