Author Tip: Write the sales copy first

Jan 24, 2017 | Writing A Book

The time before you start writing your book is filled with excitement and possibilities. But, if you don’t get clear about what you’re writing and why people will read it, you risk having the project turn into a complete waste of time.

Here’s a tip that’s worked for several of my clients to help them narrow down the idea of their book. It just might work for you.

Write the sales copy for the book before you write the book.

Writing the sales copy forces you to think about several important things. Thinking about them before you write will help you write a better book.

Who is the reader?

There are lots of people who could read your book, but who will get the most out of it? Who will get excited about reading? What kind of person has a problem that your book will solve?

Note that I said “reader” and not “readers.” Make one person you already know the center of your target. If you get the book right for him or her, other people will like the book, too.

What will your book do for the reader?

People who read business books are looking for one of two things. Some of them want the answer to a question. Others want help solving a problem. What question will you answer or what problem will you solve? Answer that and you will know what to write and how to write it.

How will your book be different and distinctive?

You’re not going to have a successful book if it’s perceived as just another book about … whatever. Be specific. What will be in your book that isn’t in other, similar books? How will your book stand out from other, similar books?

Bottom Line

Write the sales copy. Then plan the book and write it.