Capture, Collect, and Create

Jul 27, 2012 | Writing A Book

Tony knows that he wants to write a book. The finished book will be the business card no one throws away and a key to increasing his fees. And the process of writing the book will deepen his expertise.

If you’re like Tony, my experience with clients tells me that you’re probably thinking about your research as part of the book project. You’ll do better if you consider your research part of your self-education and if you begin it now.

Capture information, ideas, and insight on a regular basis. Make it a habit to check relevant blogs and publications every day and every week. A checklist can help you do that consistently.

Collect it all in one place. Then you can review it from time to time. When you have your information in the same place, it’s easier to spot the common threads and the connections between ideas.

Create as you go. Write blog posts and articles as a way of wrestling with ideas. The process of writing will sharpen your thinking. When you publish those posts and articles, reader comments will give you valuable feedback.

If you’re thinking about a book, don’t wait for “someday” to begin the process. Start capturing and collecting information and ideas now. Write short pieces to sharpen your thinking and test the market.