Designated Writing Time

Nov 28, 2012 | Writing A Book

A client asks: “Should I have a designated time to write?”

My answer: “Only if writing is important.”

We show what’s really is important to us by what we spend our time and money on. If writing your book is important, give it time. And set that time aside, otherwise the urgent things of the day will drive out the writing you say is important. Here are some guidelines for making it work.

Decide when you want to write. I think you should write a little every day, but there are many writers who can’t or don’t.

Either write at the same time every day or set the time aside when you plan your week. Put writing time on your calendar first and then fill in around it. Think of it as an appointment with your book.

Hold writing time sacred. Unless there is a medical emergency or a sudden and severe danger to life or property, maintain your schedule.

I suggest that you follow my Raymond Chandler Rule. When it’s time to write you don’t have to write, but you can’t do anything else. No web surfing. No “research.” No filing or cleaning. Write or nothing.

Note that these are guidelines, not rules. They work for me and for many clients. If they don’t work for you, do something else. But try them before you dismiss them.