Don’t Over-Prepare

Aug 20, 2012 | Writing A Book

Last week I reviewed a book idea. The concept was solid. The person who sent it was an expert in her field. I think there’s a market for the book. But it probably won’t ever get written, let alone published.

The woman who sent me the concept is like many other people I’ve spoken with who want to write a book. They don’t want to start writing until they know exactly what they’re going to say. They’re aiming for perfection. That’s a bad strategy.

Perfection probably isn’t possible, at least not for most of us. You’re chasing a goal that keeps moving away from you.

The price of perfection is prohibitive. The cost isn’t just time to market. It’s also the energy you’ll spend researching that you could use to drive your writing.

Instead of seeking perfection before you write, seek excellence through writing. When you start to write, you’ll spot the gaps in your research quickly. And you’ll sharpen your ideas when you try to write them out.

Bottom Line

Don’t start to begin to prepare to get ready to write. Get the minimum information and research you need and then start writing. Let the book become your guide to what’s next.

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