Everybody’s got a book

Oct 11, 2012 | Writing A Book

We were standing in the kitchen listening to our friend tell us about her new senior executive position and new company. She was excited about the opportunities and impressed by her new company’s leadership, especially the CEO. She told us that he’d written a book and one member of the group started laughing.

“Wally,” he said, “This is your field, so tell me. Am I the only CEO who hasn’t written a book?”

We all laughed at that, but later I started thinking about it. I don’t know how many CEOs have written a book, but in an age where anybody can become an author, it sometimes seems like everyone has. Most of the books they’ve produced are dreadful.

If you want to do a book, I presume that you want to do a great one and not a dreadful one. If that’s true, keep reading.

Learn what’s involved. Many people who contact me for a free Options Review Session are astounded at what it takes to get a good book from concept to sale.

Know why you’re writing your book. Creating a book is hard work. And it’s not worth doing if you don’t know the purpose. Authors of great business books are usually passionate experts writing about something that fulfills a want.

Prepare to learn. You’ll learn about how books are created today. You’ll also learn a lot about your topic and yourself.

Get help. Creating a book is a team effort. Choose your team members wisely.

Do it right. Spend the time and energy and money necessary to create a great book.

If you’re going to write a book, it might as well be a great book.

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