Speaking and Writing

Jun 17, 2013 | Writing A Book

Speaking and writing are a great combination. Writing a book can help boost your speaking fees. And speaking can help you generate buzz and buys for your book. Just remember that speaking and writing are two different ways to communicate. Each has strengths and weaknesses.

Speaking is great for helping you develop your storytelling skills. You also learn what ideas and examples resonate with your audience.

But storytelling from the platform and storytelling in print are two very different things. In person you have the full range of gestures, tone of voice, and facial expression to make your points clear. In print all you have is words.

In fact, you’ll find that some stories you can use on the platform don’t translate at all into print. I had one story of taking my young grandson to the Wall in Washington DC that worked superbly on stage. But it never worked in print, no matter how I tried.

The big plus for writing is that it forces you to be more precise and to wrestle with contradictions and gaps in reasoning. You can make this even better by asking someone else to read your writing and tell you what you said.

Bottom Line

Use your speeches to discover what ideas and stories resonate with your audience.

Use writing to sharpen your ideas and the way you support them.

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