Use your blog as a test bed

Dec 8, 2011 | Writing A Book

The best business books are the result of a lot of feedback and revision. You blog is a great place to begin the process. You can do three things on your blog that will make your book better.

Write Blog Posts to Learn

Choose a post topic that requires you to do some research. At least one “additional research” blog post a week means more than fifty bits of research and learning a year.

Write Blog Posts to Think

Writing sharpens your thinking. Most of us discover that writing about a topic forces us to sharpen our thinking and phrasing.

Write Blog Posts for Feedback

Feedback is the breakfast of champions and comments on your blog posts are great feedback. Commenters will highlight areas where you’re not clear, positions you may want to re-think, and phrases you want to re-work.

Here’s some good news. You get those benefits whether you ever write a book or not.