Will 2012 Be the Year of Your Book?

Jan 2, 2012 | Writing A Book

“This is Laurie. She’s got a great idea for a book.”

A little conversation established a few facts. Laurie was an attorney who worked with small business owners. She had an idea for a basic book about business law, a sort of Business Law 101. It was a decent idea, one that could turn into a book.

Laurie also had some research and several outlines for the book. She’s been thinking about it now for more than five years. Will 2012 be the year that Laurie gets her book done?

In my business I talk to a lot of people who have ideas and knowledge that could be shaped into a great book. Most of them never create that book. They never make the leap from a good idea to a great book. There are two common reasons.

Some don’t have the emotional drive to do the book. That’s usually covered with some language about circumstances and how they prevent the would-be author from creating that book just now. The reality is that those who make an emotional commitment to doing a book usually find a way. The ones with only an intellectual commitment usually don’t.

Others simply don’t know what they need to do. That’s something I can help with, in fact it’s one of the reasons that I created this blog. Check out the pages on “The Book Writing Process” and “How to Turn Your Ideas into a Book.”

At that point you may decide that, for whatever reason, now is not the time for your book idea to become a book. That’s OK. Quit worrying about it. When the time is right, the idea will pop back up.

Then decide on what you need to do to find out more. Take the first step. Buy a book, talk to a friend, contact me about an Options Review Session. Doing leads to doing. Every successful achievement begins with that first step.

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