Will this be the year you write your book?

Dec 31, 2013 | Writing A Book

Maybe this will be the year. Maybe you’ll finally write your book. You can do it, but before you write that New Year’s resolution or craft that goal, think about what will be involved.

Here’s the truth that hardly anyone tells prospective authors. No matter how prepared you are or how much help you get, writing a book takes a lot of time and attention.

Now, you probably already have a pretty full life. So here’s the question to think about this New Year’s Eve:

Where will you find the time to write your book?

Some authors take time from sleep. They get up earlier or stay up later to write and revise.

Some authors take time from other work. They decide not to pursue other projects so they can write.

Some authors pass on income-generating activities. They give a few less speeches or devote less time to client work.

Some authors take time from recreational activities. They take vacation days, but use the time for writing. They stop a weekly activity to gain writing time.

Almost all authors take time from their loved ones. We do it because we can. Our loved ones want us to succeed. And they forgive us when we spend time writing that we used to spend with them.

The plain fact is that if you’re not willing to carve out the time from other areas of your life, you probably won’t write your book. So before you make “writing a book” your goal, decide whether you’re willing to find the time.

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