Writing a Book: Deeper Reasons to Write

Feb 18, 2013 | Writing A Book

One of the first questions I ask in an Options Review Session is: “Why do you want to write a book?” There’s no right answer to that one.

I’ve had clients who’ve written a book to increase their fees and professional prestige. Another client wanted to dig deep into a topic and thought that writing a book would be a great way to accomplish that. Not every client starts there, though.

Most start with some version of “I have to” or “I’ve always wanted to.” You’ll do better if you sharpen those answers.

“I have to” can really mean “my competitors all have a book” or “if I want to get to the next level in my career, I have to have a book.” When you have answers like that, we can structure your book plan so it stands out from your competition or so that you can use it as the basis for increased fees. Your deeper reason helps you decide what kind of book to write and how and where to promote it.

“I’ve always wanted to” can lead to lots of deeper answers. My most memorable case was the fellow who wanted to write a book because his mother had always told him he could. We planned the book so that it would be something she would enjoy reading.

A deeper answer to “Why do you want to write a book?” can help you create a book that helps you accomplish your goals. It can help you make wise decisions about what goes into the book and how and where you promote it.