Writing a Book: Great ideas are not all they’re cracked up to be

Dec 16, 2013 | Writing A Book

Do you have a great idea for a book? That’s a good thing, but it’s just the beginning.

Getting a great idea is the easy part. Once you’ve got one, the real work begins.

You need to assess how great that idea really is. Who will want to read your book? Why will they be willing, even excited, to buy it? What will the book do for them?

You need to plan your book. That involves working out the details and the transitions.

You need to create a business plan for your book. Determine how the book will make a difference in your business, career, or life and the details of how you will make it happen.

Those three things involve a lot of work, but they’re just the beginning, too. Once you’ve done the planning it’s time to do the writing and revising and promoting and selling.

Bottom Line

If you’re human, you will have great ideas. But great ideas are just the beginning of good things.

Your Turn

How many great ideas have you have that never turned into something great?

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