Writing a book: I want to thank …

Dec 12, 2013 | Writing A Book

In most books it’s called “Acknowledgements.” Sometimes it’s at the front of the book, sometimes at the back. Some are long and some are short. They’re very different except for one thing. Every author thanks her or her loved ones. There’s a reason for that.

When you commit to writing a book, you’re volunteering for many hours of solitary work. Usually, that steals at least some time from the time spent with loved ones.

Think about that. Sometimes a spouse or other loved one participates in the writing by being a sounding board or pre-editor. More often, they willingly give up time with you so that you can achieve something important.

While you’re working on the book, make a special effort to spend time with the people who love you. They’re the ones who won’t complain about all the time you’re spending on the book, because they love you and they want to help.

When the book is done, take some special time with those loved ones. Let them know how much you appreciate their support.

And thank them, in person and in those acknowledgements.

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