Writing a book in three steps

Jun 10, 2014 | Writing A Book

“Where do I start?”

That’s one of the most common questions I get during an Options Review Session. Writing a book can be an overwhelming challenge, especially if you’re writing your first one. Here’s a simple way to think about the process. It works.

Start by writing the book

Write the book from beginning to end. Sit down or stand up. Put your fingers on the keys or pick up a pen and write the book.

Write it all the way through, from beginning to end. Don’t stop to fix things. Don’t pause for more research. Don’t worry about contradictions and repetitions. Just keep going.

When you’re done set it aside for a bit. Then you’re ready for the next step.

Take a look at what you’ve got

Take a look at the book you’ve written. Make note of places where you need more research. Make note of things you need to fix.

Before you go on, decide what your book is about. When you’ve got all that, you’re ready for step three.

Rewrite, revise and edit until done

You’re done when your book says what you want in readable prose. Rewriting, revising, and editing are the grunt work of writing a book. They may not be fun, but you won’t create a great book without them.