Writing a Business Book is a Team Sport

Oct 24, 2016 | Writing A Book

What do you think of when I ask you to imagine a writer at work? If you’re like most people that I’ve talked to, you imagine someone alone in a room crafting deathless prose by the light of their laptop screen. That’s part of it, of course. But the truth is that writing a great business book is a challenge that’s bigger than any one person, no matter how good.

Writing a business book is a true team sport. Here are some of the members that you may want on your team.

Your Friends and Professional Colleagues

Before you start the heavy lifting of planning and writing a book, you’ll probably talk about it with some friends. You’ll bounce ideas off them. They’ll have ideas that you’ll take and use. Often, they will help you identify other people who will make great team members. They’re part of your team.

The People You Interview

You can’t do a good business book without interviewing some people. That’s how you find the great stuff that’s not in anybody else’s book. Everyone you interview is part of your team.

Your Staff

You may have people who work directly for you or people that you hire for certain tasks. They might include a virtual assistant or a researcher or the person who transcribes your interviews. Whoever they are, they’re part of your team.

Your Beta Readers

Beta readers will tell you what’s working and what’s not while there’s still time to fix it. They’re part of your team, too.

Your Editor

Editors will save your bacon. The good ones make you look better and save you from yourself. Whether you go through a traditional publisher or hire a freelancer, at least one editor will be a key part of your team.

The Cover Artist

Great covers help sell books. You’ll want to have a professional do your cover. And that professional is part of your team.

Say, “Thank you.”

It may not take a village, but creating a great book takes a team. Remember to thank everyone who has a hand in your success.