Your book is a blasting cap

May 1, 2014 | Writing A Book

Dynamite can create a huge explosion, but it’s hard to ignite dynamite all by itself. So you use a device called a blasting cap. It’s a small explosive that sets off a big explosion by igniting something like dynamite.

Your knowledge is like dynamite

Your knowledge is powerful stuff, but it’s like dynamite. You want to use it to make your career explode with higher fees, speaking engagements, and passive income. But you need a little help.

It’s hard to make a big bang without a little help.

Your book can be your blasting cap. By itself your book won’t make much, if any, money. But, like that blasting cap, it can set off a bigger explosion in your career.

Get to work

Until you create that blasting cap book, you won’t be getting as much bang from your knowledge as you could.