Blog Writing

If you want to add quality content to your blog or web site, consider hiring me to write some articles or posts.

I write posts for some clients on a regular schedule. The most common schedule is once or twice a week.  The posts are usually between 250 and 500 words.

Normally there’s an initial “shakedown” period. After that I research and create the posts on schedule. My clients like the fact that they can depend on me to create quality posts and publish them on time. That’s why I’ve posted for some clients for several years.

I write blog posts in my areas of expertise in business and personal development. Posts cost less if my name appears as the writer.

Other clients hire me to produce longer posts or articles. Most of the time, they want a few pieces to enrich the content of their blog or web site. These are usually projects where I produce a specific number of articles.

Those articles are usually 750 words or more. The client and I usually spend time discussing what I will write and setting deadlines. Then I go off and write the articles.