Advice from the Masters: James Patterson

Feb 22, 2012 | Better Writing

One out of every three US citizens has read at least one of James Patterson’s books. He also holds the record for NY Times bestsellers. Readers love his fast-paced stories in a variety of genres.

He’s also known for his “businesslike” approach to writing. Patterson sees himself as a brand and his books as his products. He was an advertising executive before he wrote novels, so many people think that his success is all about the marketing. Here’s what Patterson said when Writers’ Digest asked him about that.

“I’ve always concentrated on the product. There are very few cases where people or enterprises or franchises have succeeded unless the product is really good for that audience. [Writers] always want to hear it’s the advertising. It isn’t—it’s the product.”

I write this blog for people who aren’t professional writers and who want to write to build their business or enhance their career. If that’s you, take James Patterson’s advice to heart.

Great posts make a great blog. SEO tricks and elegant design will help, but the posts are the product. They represent you, the brand.

It’s the same for that book. You want to write the best book you can because it will represent you to people you may never meet. It represents you, the brand.

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