3 Kinds of Information Products

Apr 22, 2014 | Profit

It takes work to create the content for an information product. Your objective is to get the maximum payoff possible from your development effort. You can do that if you put the same basic content in different products. Here are three kinds of products, based on the way they’re delivered.

Digital Products

Digital products are great because you can automate the entire selling, payment, and fulfillment process. Most digital products are used in their digital form, but some are only delivered digitally. If you create a workbook to help you get more value from your book, you may deliver it digitally as a PDF, but your customers will probably print it out to use it more easily.

Physical Product

If someone has to put it in a box and ship it, it’s a physical product. Books can be physical products, but so are learning aids, like pocket reminder cards. If you create physical products, you have to make arrangements to handle fulfillment. There will be production, inventory, and shipping costs, too.

Human Delivery Products

Human delivery products, like seminars, consulting, or coaching used to be the high dollar end of the information product spectrum. They still are in many cases, but now many information entrepreneurs use free webinars as a give-away to build business or to sell a digital or physical product.

Some Questions to Ask

When you’re thinking about developing information products, ask how many different ways you can deliver the material. Then ask what other products you can develop to support your core products.