Don’t let author fatigue sabotage your success

Feb 2, 2015 | Profit

Author fatigue, the silent success killer

Writing a book is hard work. When you finish the writing and the editing, it’s natural to feel that you deserve a rest. That’s author fatigue and it’s killed a lot of author success.

If you let up now, all the hard work you put into your book may go to waste. Harken to these words of wisdom from Cari Bennette writing in the Independent Publishing Magazine:

“Okay, you’ve written a book and it’s published. Way to go, congratulations and kudos to you! Celebrate your success. And then, get back to work. Because you know that writing and publishing is only a part of the equation for success. Now, you need to market your book.”

Your book’s business plan

You should draw up a business plan for your book when you’re planning the book itself, but if you haven’t, now would be a good time. Your book’s business plan should describe how you’ll promote your book and how you’ll make money from the book beyond book sales.

Your book’s web site

Your book web site is a key piece of your book promotion strategy. That’s what Cari’s article is about.

Think about your pre-launch strategy

What will you do between now and the book’s release to build anticipation? When will you let people know that you have a book coming?

Will you use a “launch team” to help get the word out? Start recruiting the people you want.

Do you want people to pre-order your book? Make it easy for them.

Spend the time between writing and publication writing the guest blog posts, news releases, and social media tidbits you’ll need when you launch.

The launch

Plan now for a successful launch. Line up guest post opportunities and make sure the web site and all materials are ready so you can start strong when the time is right.

Don’t forget products and services

How will your business be different when your book is out? Develop new products and services that will give you more income streams.

Author fatigue is a silent success killer

Don’t give in to the temptation to take it easy. Use the time between writing and publishing to make sure you do everything else you can to make your book a success.