Making Money from A Book: Six Thoughts about Business Book Covers

Jan 29, 2019 | Profit

No matter what you’ve heard, people judge a book by its cover. When a potential reader sees the cover of your book, he or she decides whether to find out more about your boot.

It doesn’t matter if your cover design costs $100 or $1,000. It also doesn’t matter if the cover design has won awards, or if your aunt Susie thought it was “really nice.” A book cover does its job if it convinces people who should read your book to find out more about your book.

Most business book buyers use Amazon at some point in their process. Evaluate your cover based on how it will work on Amazon, especially at the smallest size a reader is likely to see. Consider these six things when you evaluate your book’s cover.

Your Book Is More Important Than Its Cover

No one will buy your book simply because they see your cover. First, they check out a description of the content. They check the table of contents and read a few reviews. Remember that the purpose of your cover is to get a reader to do more research.

Words Will Carry the Load

People buy business books to solve a problem or answer a question. They want to make progress in their life. The words on your book’s cover tells readers if it may be worth reading.

Make the Words Easy to Read

People who see your book cover on Amazon should be able to read the important words on the cover. Make that easy by using large-enough type and high contrast.

What About Graphics?

Don’t use a graphic on your cover unless it specifically relates to the content of your book. My client, Terry Moore, wrote Building Legacy Wealth about apartment investing.

At first the cover designer illustrated apartments that were all high-rise. Terry sells apartments in San Diego, where apartments are low-rise. We modified the graphic to show apartment houses like you’d find in San Diego.

Your Book Cover and Your Brand

Your book cover and your marketing material should look like they go together. A good designer can do that with type and color.

Professionals Do It Better

You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Your book cover makes the first impression for your book. It should be as professional as your book’s content. If it makes them think “amateur,” or “done on the cheap,” they’re less likely to want to know more.

Bottom Line

A well-designed cover motivates potential readers to find out more about your book. Make sure it represents you and your book well.

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