Three Kinds of Testimonials

Oct 24, 2012 | Profit

Direct response writers know that testimonials are powerful. But not all testimonials are powerful in the same way. Here are three kinds of testimonials and how to use them.

Celebrity testimonials are when someone who is well known endorses you or your work. Many book jacket blurbs fall into this category. Use them for general marketing to get people to look at your blog or book.

Customer testimonials are actual customers making statements about how your book or product or service worked for them. The more specific, the better. The statement that “This is a great book!” is far less powerful than “I used the three point checklist in this book and dramatically increased my sales.”

The most powerful customer testimonials have a person like the reader describing how you solved a problem for them. Use many testimonials to increase the possibility that one of them is by a person that the reader identifies with.

Expert testimonials are statements by recognized experts about the quality of your work. An example is marketing professor endorsing your marketing book. Use expert testimonials to make the case that what you uses proven techniques or is based on proven principles.