Two Business Questions about Your Book

Nov 3, 2011 | Profit

Every business book project should have a book business plan that describes the costs and benefits you expect. Start your planning process by answering the following questions.

What will make my book distinctive?

Amazon lists over 150,000 titles for “strategy” and more than 85,000 for “leadership.” They list more than 650,000 for “marketing.” Whatever you’re going to write your business book about, there will be other books out there on the same topic. You have to define how your book will be different before you begin writing.

How will I make money from the book?

Unless your book is a pure exercise in self-fulfillment and you have an unlimited budget, you’ll want to think about how your book will increase your revenue. To make this just a little harder, you probably won’t make much from book sales. So, before you begin your book, get clear about how the book will help you make money.