Book Writing

If you’re thinking about writing a book, there are three things you should learn about. You should understand how the book writing process works and how to turn your ideas into a book. Then you will need to decide whether the process most people call “ghostwriting” is the way to go or if author coaching is best for you. The blog posts on “Better Writing” and “Writing a Book” will help. Here are a few things you should know if you’re thinking about working with me on a book.

I only work on books that will be classified as business or personal development. That’s where I have expertise that I can bring to the party.

I only work with people who want a writing partner arrangement. That’s the kind of ghostwriter I am.

I only work with people who want to write a great business book. That takes work and commitment. If you want someone to help you crank out a book quickly, that’s probably not me.

I want to give the clients I work with the benefit of my full attention and best effort. That’s why I only work on a limited number of large projects at a time.

Most of the book projects that I work on take over a year to complete. My fees for those projects range from $7500 to over $30,000. The fee varies based on the amount of writing, research, and meeting time required.

Most book projects begin with an Options Review Session. An Options Review Session can help you get your head around a book project and also make decisions about whether you should hire me as a writer or a coach.

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