About Wally

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WallyBockcasualI published my first bit of writing when I was seven. We were living in a small town at the time and the local newspaper had a story writing contest for the elementary school. I won the prize for the second grade and my story was published.

Much later in life, after I got out of the Marines, I sold a few stories and a couple of general articles before stumbling on my true writing love. A free-lance editor engaged me to write four short “how-to” books for an industrial publisher. I wrote the first one in 1972 and I was hooked.

Since then almost all of my writing has been related to business. I’ve written direct response copy, marketing materials, and web copy. I’ve written business blog posts. And I’ve written more than thirty business books, alone and with others, as a ghostwriter and with my name on the cover.

A couple of years ago, I decided to try ghostwriting. I knew I would like the writing, but I discovered something else that I loved.

It happened by accident. I talked to many people about ghostwriting, but it wasn’t the right solution for many of them. Several people who came to me because they were interested in ghostwriting asked me to coach them through the book writing process. I’m not real bright sometimes and I resisted, but when I finally said “yes,” I found something else I love.

I love helping people write great business books that make a difference for the reader and the author. Sometimes I’m the writing partner, actually working on the book. More often, I’m the business book writing coach, shepherd, and spirit guide to the book writing process.

If you’re thinking about writing a business book, let’s have a chat about the processes, options, the costs in money and time, and anything else you want to discuss. Use the form  at the end of this link to start the process.