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Here are some comments from some of the wonderful people I’ve worked with.

“If you want to write an outstanding book that people will want to read, I would highly recommend partnering with Wally Bock as your book writing coach. Wally’s technical skills from a writing standpoint are second to none. But that is not what sets him apart from other coaches. Wally is a master at partnering with an author to understand them as an individual as well as understand the message they are trying to convey within their book. He then utilizes that understanding, and builds a relationship to bring out the best in the author to produce something that is far better than you would have done on your own. He knows the right questions to ask, to get at the stories that need to be told. He is a seasoned veteran that has a proven process that leads to efficiency in the book writing process. Based on my experience with Wally, I will guarantee that your book will be a better piece, if you partner with Wally on the project.”

~ Mark Deterding

“Wally Bock took ‘my idea’ for a comprehensive book on newsletter marketing and made it a reality. The give and take of ideas was an amazing experience and exactly what I needed.  Wally’s knowledge, broad-based experience, and easy going manner made the creation of my e-book actually enjoyable! I am also thrilled about the way that Wally took my ‘main’ book and created 3 ‘niche’ books that provide additional opportunities to generate revenue. If you’re looking for someone to take your idea, or your notes, and turn them into a book that you can make money from, Wally Bock is your man.”

“Wally Bock is not only an excellent collaborator, he has wonderful strategic insight and a good nose for an interesting story. Our book stayed right on track with our theme, timeline, research, and Wally was a pleasure to work with throughout the process. In addition to his fine writing, he brought many creative additional ideas to the book. We were chosen by the American Management Association as its featured book in November, 2010, both in the monthly newsletter and on the AMA website. I could not have asked for a better partner.”

~ Tom Hall
Author of Ruthless Focus

“Situated in Australia I was at first very nervous and reluctant about working with someone in a different country… that’s until I found Wally. I worked with Wally for just over 12 months on my first book and during that time I found him to be an amazingly intuitive person. His guidance, coaching, mentoring and leadership was fantastic. I truly would not have achieved as much as I have in such a short time if it wasn’t for Wally’s professionalism and expertise. I went from not knowing the how, what, where, and why to achieving my dreams. As a result I have released my book and my home study kit and I’m in the process of conceptualising another book. I have no hesitation in recommending Wally. If you want to achieve your goal then speak to Wally today! Contact me personally if you wish to know more about Wally.

~ Deborah Jackson
Author of Easy Marketing for Women

“Writing this book would not have been nearly as educational or enjoyable without the help and guidance of Wally Bock, who evolved his role from vendor to business partner, and friend while working with me during every phase of the writing and publishing process. He’s been a navigating lighthouse for me in regards to the book, the process, the ideas, and things I wouldn’t have known to think about.”

~ Rod Santomassimo
America’s Premier Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Coach

Author of Teams Built to Dominate

“Wally supported and coached me through the process of writing my first business book. I had plenty of raw content but soon realized that content alone does not make for a great book. I am deeply grateful to Wally for organizing and knocking my content into shape. Wally has an extraordinary wealth of business and publishing expertise to share, and is a pleasure to work with. I really miss the weekly chats we had when working on the project together. We have become firm friends. If anyone else is thinking of writing a book, and you want to do it right the first time and create a finished product you will be proud of, you must speak to Wally. He is a class act.”

“Wally, the contribution you made to my last book cannot be overstated. With two awards and over 80,000 copies sold, so far, I don’t want to think about what would have happened without your support and guidance. You’re a unique resource.”

~ Jim Blasingame

“Wally Bock is the coach, mentor, and friend who taught me how to write, to show, not tell, and to be true to my own voice. As we worked together, I was always amazed when I re-read a chapter which I rewrote with new skills. It was at once clear and interesting. That’s the Wally factor shining through!! He really taught me how to write!”

~ Bonnie Hathcock

“As my writing coach, Wally was instrumental in developing my writing style and process–just as I expected. What I didn’t expect was the impact he would have on how I think through problems and approach my work.   Always brutally honest, but encouraging; challenging but supportive; Wally has been exactly what this first-time author needed!”

~ Susan Finerty

“Wally was instrumental in helping me to understand how to outline my ideas and to write a good story. His years of experience, his patience, and his direct yet diplomatic style made it safe, easy, and fun to work with him; I looked forward to every meeting. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs the confidence to write better.”

~ Mary Jo Asmus


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