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Writing a Book: The Important Final Chapter

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Writing a good book is a long slog. It takes months of hard work to pull things together and make your thinking clear. It’s natural end to let up a bit as you get toward the. Don’t do it. This Is Not the Time to Slack Off When I ran track, we learned to “run through the tape.” Our coaches wanted us to ease up only  »  Read More

The Book Writing Process for Business Authors

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If you’re thinking of writing a business book with a business purpose, here’s an overview of the basic process. I’ve sketched the key decisions you will need to make in each stage. If you want to chat about your options, use the form at the end of this link to contact me and set up a free Options Review  »  Read More

Writing a Book: How to Defeat the Blank Screen

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The best writing sessions start strong. They build momentum for writing and even for the rest of the day. But there’s a problem. Too many writers start their writing session by staring at the screen, starting to prepare to begin to get ready to write. They’re trying to think about what to say. Many of my clients  »  Read More

Cooking Up a Great Book

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Chef Thomas Keller said that “Success is about ingredients and execution.” Yeah, right. That and a couple of thousand details. Writing a great book is a lot like preparing a meal. On the one hand, it’s simple. Have great content and write your book well. In real life, though, it’s not simple at all. There’s a lot  »  Read More

Writing a Book: Some Hard Truths about Writing Your Book

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My friend and client, Terry Moore, says that writing his book, Building Legacy Wealth, was one of the hardest things he’s ever done. That’s a powerful testimony from someone summited who Mt. Kilimanjaro at 59. He’s also a triathlete. Terry knows what hard is. If you want to write a great book, or even a good one, you  »  Read More

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