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Writing a Book: Make Your Book a Conversation, not a Lecture

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I don’t have anything against academics. I learned a lot from them. I don’t have anything against academics who are writers, either. Some of them, like Bob Sutton and Adam Grant, are among the best business writers on the planet. I don’t even have anything against academic writing. It’s fine for academics. But if  »  Read More

Thinking about Writing a Book?

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Most people who write a book start with the same thought. “I should write a book someday.” That statement isn’t a plan. It’s more like a vague intent. The key word is “someday.” As Sam Horn reminds us, “Someday is not a day of the week.” For most people who have that thought, that’s all there is. Their  »  Read More

Writing a Book: Where will you get the time?

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There may be authors with plenty of free time they can use to write their book. My clients are not among those authors. Most of my clients are mid-career high achievers. They work hard. They’re goal driven. And they’re adding writing a book to a schedule that’s already full to bursting. You need large blocks of  »  Read More

Demographic Descriptions Do Not Buy Books and Other Important Truths

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Thinking about writing a book and publishing it yourself? Lots of people are doing it and lots more are thinking about doing it. If this is your first book, you have no idea what you don’t know. There are many misconceptions about writing a book. It will probably take you a year or more to write your book. You’ll  »  Read More

Why Writing a Book is a Big Challenge

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I’ve had many conversations with people who are interested in writing their first book. Some are good writers and others aren’t. The good writers always seem to think that writing a book is like writing an article, only longer. They’re wrong. Books are Bigger An article might be 5,000 words. A few long form articles  »  Read More

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