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How Ideas Grow Into Books

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Suzi McAlpine’s post is titled, “This Week, I’ll Finish Writing A Book. This Is What I’ve Learned.” It’s a delightful post. Suzi describes thinking about writing a book at 24 and sending a book off to the publisher 25 years later. You can learn a lot from Suzi’s post. There’s  »  Read More

Writing a Book: The Most Important Choice You’ll Make

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If you’re just starting to write a book, you’ve got a lot of choices in front of you. You’ll make choices about cover design and content and who to work with. Some of the choices you’ll make are what my friend and client Terry Moore calls “triage choices.” Those are the choices that rule  »  Read More

Writing a Book: Learn to Let Go

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“Great artists ship.” Steve Jobs said that. There may be exceptions in the great sweep of art history, but not many and not you. No book that you don’t finish will enhance your reputation or support the case for raising your fees. On the other hand, you want to turn out the best book possible. After all  »  Read More

Learning to Write Your Book

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Many clients come to me after they tried to write a book on their own. They know how to write. They discovered they don’t know how to write a book. Writing a book is different from any writing you’ve ever done before. If you want to have a great book-writing experience and write a great book, you must learn  »  Read More

How a Business Book is Different from Other Books and What that Means for You, the Author

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For years, I’ve been asking business leaders what they read. The range is stunning. Most of They read business books, but that’s not all. They read fiction and history books and biographies and memoirs. They read a lot about their hobbies or passions. Business book readers want specific things. They’re  »  Read More

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