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Writing a Book: Using Research

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Great business books support every key point with research. The good news for business authors is that there are battalions of academics conducting research of all kinds you can use. Your challenges are to select your research wisely and interpret it helpfully. Find Treasures Among the Trash Just like everything else in  »  Read More

Writing a Book: If you can read a book, you can write a book, but …

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“Do you think I can write a book?” I had just spent a pleasant hour with the young realtor who is selling us a house. We talked all about the books he read, what he learned, and what he liked. He was an avid reader and his question wasn’t unusual. People ask me that all the time. Here’s the short answer. If you can  »  Read More

Writing a Book: 5 Things that Make it Harder

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If you’ve never written a book before, the process probably seems straightforward. First, you pull your ideas together and put them in order in an outline, like the one you did in school. Then, you work your way through the outline, writing the book. If it were that easy, though, everybody would do it. Writing a book  »  Read More

Writing a Book: What’s the Big Idea?

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“I finally got it. Call me.” Now, that’s the kind of text that gets your attention. I called right away. The text was from a client I’d been working with. We were at the beta reader stage of her book project. When she answered the phone, the first words out of my mouth were, “Okay, what did you get?” Her very  »  Read More

Writing a Book: Mine Your Experience to Make Your Book Better

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Most of the material that I’ve seen about how to write a book suggests that you start with some kind of planning. Some suggest you start with a business plan for your book. Others urge you to begin outlining. I have a different idea. Before you start writing or planning, take some time to get your head around what you  »  Read More

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