What makes a self-published book look self-published?

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Thanks to technology and the internet, just about anyone can publish their own book these days. That’s the problem. Anybody can do it. And a whole lot of anybodies try it. Most of them produce books that scream, “self-published by amateurs!!” It usually starts with the cover. Often the cover looks like a  »  Read More

Better Writing: Get Your Writing Rhythm

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“It don’t mean a thing (if it ain’t got that swing).” That’s a saying of trumpeter Bubber Miley. Duke Ellington wrote a jazz standard based on it. Great writing certainly has rhythm and flow. The process of writing should, too. Your goal for every writing session should be to produce enough good writing to  »  Read More

Don’t worry about the horse being blind

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Alabama head coach Nick Saban has a “system.” Football coach and genuine character John Madden had a saying: “Don’t worry about the horse being blind. Just load the wagon.” They’re both after the same thing. They want their players to concentrate on their individual job and not worry  »  Read More

Taking Stock

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The New Year is a great time to take stock of your life and your writing. Here’s how Dan Pink describes this period in his excellent book, When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing. “The first day of the year is what social scientists call a “temporal landmark.” 15 Just as human beings rely on landmarks to  »  Read More

5 Ways to Do It Wrong

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I tell my clients there’s almost always an array of good solutions to any writing problem. There’s usually many more than one right answer. But there are some very specific ways to get things wrong when you’re writing a book. Here are five of them. Start to prepare to begin to get ready Pondering, planning, or  »  Read More

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