3 No-Cost, No-Brainer Ways to Write Better

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Bart wants to start a blog, but he’s concerned about his writing. As he put it in his email, “I don’t write very well. I don’t want to embarrass myself. What can I do to write better right away without taking any expensive courses?” Writing is a craft. It takes decades to master the craft. But  »  Read More

Better Writing: Use Your Journal to Improve Your Writing

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Writing is all about words and ideas. They combine to make angels of meaning. I think of writing as wrestling those angels of meaning onto a page. If you keep a journal, you can improve your writing dramatically. Here’s how. Capture Your Ideas in Your Journal Human beings are idea-generating machines. Ideas pop out of  »  Read More

What to do if your child wants to be a writer

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Hank’s email got straight to the point. Here it is: “My daughter says she wants to become a writer. How can I help her be a successful writer?” Writing can be a great career. But, like any other career, it’s not for everyone. Your first challenge is to determine if your child really wants to be a  »  Read More

5 Things You Can Do to Make It Easier to Write

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Writing is hard work. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be. Here are five things you can do that will help you turn out good work more easily. Schedule a Time and Place Writing should not be something you “find the time for.” Schedule a specific time and place. Put it on your calendar. One client called her  »  Read More

My Blogging Process

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Scott is starting a blog. He wrote me for advice. “I know you’ve been blogging for a long time, and you’ve done more than 1,000 posts. You also coach other people on improving their blog. I want to start strong. What’s the best process to produce quality posts regularly?” There is no best  »  Read More

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