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Will I Write Better if I Write in Longhand?

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Karel sent me a link to an article about how some great writers work. Then he asked, “This seems to say that I’ll write better if I write in longhand. What do you think?” There are productive writers who write in every way imaginable. Some write by hand. Some work on computer. Others dictate their drafts. Many  »  Read More

Be the Real Writer You Can Be

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Alli Polin worries she’s not a real writer. Alli writes a great blog on change and personal development. She’s done that for seven years. She’s not the “real writer” that many people think of, though. The mythical real writer writes fiction. He or she writes full-time and produces flawless first drafts. I’ve  »  Read More

Putting Your Avatar to Work

  |   Better Writing

I wrote a lot of letters to Annie back in the day. I knew a lot about her. She was in her mid-50s. Her husband was retired, and they lived in a trailer park. I knew what their trailer smelled like and how it felt on a hot summer day. I knew what Annie’s husband did while she was at work, and what kind of perfume she used  »  Read More

Hacks won’t make you a great writer

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The net is filled with writing tips, “hacks” in the language of the day, and it’s easy to think they’ll make you a great writer. They won’t. There’s no magic. There are no magic tips, no magic tricks, no magic wands, no magic incantations, no magic anything that will make you a great writer. You can learn to  »  Read More

Productivity Principles for Part-Time Writers

  |   Better Writing

Most of my clients are part-time writers. They’ve got demanding fulltime jobs. They’ve got important relationships. If that’s you, here are six tips I’ve developed from working with successful part-time writers. What works for most people will probably work for you. Try that first. The most productive time for most  »  Read More

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