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How can I write faster?

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“I work for a midsize corporation and I also write articles to increase my visibility in the industry. I think I write well. I don’t write as fast as I would like to. Got any tips for me?” Frank sent that email. He’s like a lot of midcareer businesspeople who write for publication. After they’ve  »  Read More

Can you teach me to write?

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Janey is about 6. She stopped her bike on the sidewalk directly in front of me. “Hi, Mr. Wally. Hi, Toto.” Janey is a polite little girl who lives in my neighborhood. That’s why she took care to greet me and my dog before launching into her agenda. “You’re a writer, right?” I admitted  »  Read More

We live in interesting times. Take good notes.

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The coronavirus pandemic is only the latest thing to make our times interesting. There’s also polarized political discussion, the threat of global warming, and the threat of economic chaos. It’s the time to take good notes. You’re going to want to write about the things that are happening now. To do it  »  Read More

Writing and The Curse of Busyness

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It’s always been tough to find time to write. It’s even harder when you’re trying to keep your head while everyone about you seems to be losing theirs. It’s harder when things are suddenly different than they used to be. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world for most of us. You must  »  Read More

What is Good Writing?

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Architect Louis Sullivan’s motto was: “Form follows function.” Sullivan thought that if you knew the purpose of a building, you could design it so it was easier to achieve that purpose. Probably the best example of that in history is the Bell Labs research center in Murray Hill, New Jersey. When the building opened  »  Read More

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