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Better Writing: Turning the Gist into a Good Story

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We love stories and the people who tell them. Artificial intelligence researcher, Roger Schank, thinks we may even assume good storytellers are smarter. Here’s how he put it. “Wisdom is often ascribed to those who can tell just the right story at the right moment and who often have a large number of stories to  »  Read More

Writing through the holidays

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Thanks to COVID, there won’t be as many holiday gatherings as usual. But there’s still a lot to do, and the holidays can be stressful. If you’re working on a book, you’ve already added extra work to your life. Now you must get through the holidays. You’ve got to do whatever shopping you’re going to do. You’re  »  Read More

Better Writing: How long should a writing session be?

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From Jordan’s email: “I’ve read all kinds of advice about how long a writing session should be. Some people talk about three or four hours. Others talk about 20 minutes. What do you say?” This is a question that calls for that all-purpose business answer: “It depends.” It depends on a lot of things. It depends  »  Read More

Better Writing: Like You’re Talking to a Friend

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Elmore Leonard excelled at just about every kind of popular writing you can imagine. He wrote pulp fiction, Westerns, and crime fiction. Many of his books also became movies. Leonard wrote “10 Rules for Writing,” published in the New York Times in 2001. Then, he wrote an 11th rule that sums up the other 10. Here it  »  Read More

3 Ways to Improve Your Creativity

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A couple of decades back, I helped a large company develop and launch a course on creativity and innovation. Our classes ran about 24 people, and in the first session, we asked for a show of hands of the people who were creative. Usually, we got two or three hands. Sometimes, we didn’t get any. For whatever reason  »  Read More

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