Advice from the Masters: Charles Bock

Oct 11, 2017 | Better Writing

Charles Bock and I are not related. I have not read his novel, Beautiful Children. But I have read the advice he gave to the Atlantic which is included their “Best Writing Advice of 2016.” That’s where I discovered that Charles and I have more in common than a great last name and the fact that we write for a living. We both take naps. Here’s his advice.

“It’s what I still do, even now, after any failure or bad thing—when my teeth hurt, or I’m trying to figure something out, or I’m at an impasse in my work, one of the things I do is take a nap. I consider myself one of the world’s great nappers. I’ll set my alarm for ten minutes, and I’m not sure if I fall asleep or not, but I sit there thinking and relax.”

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