Advice from the Masters: Kevin Purdy

May 3, 2017 | Better Writing

Stay with me on this one. You probably don’t know who Kevin Purdy is. I didn’t when I started looking for a writing tip for this week, even though he’s written quite a bit for several outlets. First, I found a fine article on LifeHacker titled, “Top 10 Tips for Better Writing.” It wasn’t by Kevin Purdy. I scrolled down through the tips looking for a kernel of wisdom to share.

The tips were good, but I just couldn’t find what I wanted. I scrolled back through the tips and came to number four: “Learn from Other Good Writers.” That tip mentioned Conan O’Brien and linked to an article called “How Conan Wrote His Agenda-Setting ‘People of Earth’ Letter” by Kevin Purdy. That’s where I discovered this kernel.

“Sometimes saying what you really mean to say, and saying it out loud before committing it to paper, can result in some pretty memorable writing.”

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