Two Ways to Deal with Writer’s Block

Nov 21, 2012 | Better Writing

There’s a saying, attributed to many wise people that goes something like this. “Writing is easy all you have to do is sit down with a blank page and stare at it until blood flows from your forehead.”

That’s writer’s block. You know you should get something down, but you can’t. The words just won’t come. Everyone who writes has experienced it.

When writer’s block happens to you, it helps to have ways to deal with it. As a general rule, staring at the page or screen doesn’t help much. Here are two things that work for me.

Just write. You don’t have to write about the subject that’s causing you trouble. Write about anything. Stream of consciousness will work. When I do this, I usually find myself writing something worthwhile within a couple of paragraphs.

Turn the problem over to your subconscious and go do something else. But not just any “something else.” Do something that engages your body, but lets your mind roam free. Take a walk. Do a little cleaning. Take a short drive. Pretty soon, the ideas will start to flow.

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