What’s the “zero draft?”

Oct 24, 2011 | Better Writing

I met Peter Drucker more than thirty years ago. I only met him that one time, but I picked up ideas and concepts and questions that I’m still using. One of them is the zero draft.

The zero draft is what you write before the first draft. It’s the best way I know to discover how well you understand your ideas and what you need to learn so that your book, blog post, or copy will be as effective as possible. I’ve written zero drafts for every writing project since that evening, three decades ago.

I originally named this blog “Zero Draft” because I want it to be a place where you find out things that you don’t know. If you’re a business person who wants to write better blog posts or marketing copy or a book to boost your career, this blog’s for you.

I’m going to bring everything I’ve learned in a career of writing and from my work as a ghostwriter and book writing coach. You bring your curiosity and your questions. Many of those questions will be answered on basic information pages that are listed to your left.

If you want to explore whether I can help you, the Contact Form is just a click away. You can also use it to suggest things for me to write about here.

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