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You have what it takes to write a great blog or that great book you’ve been thinking about. That belief is the basis for all my coaching. You don’t need to have a “gift” for writing. You don’t need to “be creative.” Good business writing isn’t magic. It’s method. My job as a coach is to help you learn the method.

“Method” covers a lot. For one person it may mean learning to write better, cleaner prose. For another it might be learning how to structure a book, a chapter, or a blog post. Another person may need to change work habits or find a different place to write.

I’ll use compassionate questioning to help you discover what you already know and apply it to your writing. I’ll share the techniques, tricks, tips, and traps that I’ve learned in more than four decades of writing for publication and profit.

Coaching sessions cost $150 for the session, including routine preparation and follow-up. Use them to improve your writing in general or to help with a specific need.

If you want to write a book, one of your key decisions is whether you want to hire someone to write the actual words or write them yourself. Read up on author coaching. Then you may want to bring any questions to an Options Review Session.

If you want to improve your blog, the process for coaching is different. We’ll spend some time talking about what you want to improve and figuring out whether I’m the person to help you. Then we’ll structure a process suited to your goals. Click here for more details.

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