Blog Coaching

Helping you improve your blog usually begins with my Blog Analysis Service. I’m a top-rated blogger and writing coach and I’ll give you some feedback on what’s working, what isn’t, and how you can make your blog better.  Here’s how my Blog Analysis Service works.

Once we’ve agreed to work together, I’ll send you some questions that help me drill down to important issues.

You’ll send me three posts to analyze. They can be your best or some that you want to improve, or anything you choose. I’ll mark them up using Microsoft Word, suggesting ways to improve those posts and all your posts.

After I send you the document, we’ll have a phone conversation of about an hour to go through my suggestions. That gives you a way to clarify things and ask any questions.

That’s it. You’ll get direct, professional feedback on your blog and how to improve it for $450. You can find out more by using the Contact Form to set up a time for us to chat.

Some clients want addition coaching after we complete the analysis process. Sessions, including routine preparation and follow-up, are billed at an hourly rate.

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