There are many kinds of ghostwriters. Some will take your notes or audio presentations, go away and write your book. Some ghostwriters are actually writing partners. They work with you to shape the concepts, suggest ideas from their experience, and do most of the writing.

I’m a writing partner kind of ghostwriter. I only work on projects related to business or personaI development, because those are areas where I have expertise. I’ve been a successful businessman, consultant, and speaker, so I can provide guidance in those areas, in addition to the writing.

Ghostwriting the way I do it is a true partnership. You need to decide if I have the credentials and the personal style you want in a writing partner. I need to decide whether we can work together to create a great book. Here are some examples of ghostwriting projects.

Tom is a successful businessman who wanted to write a book that would help him move into the next phase of his career where public speaking is part of the mix and, at the same time, pursue his passion to learn more about how companies who have been successful for a long time are different from other companies. He brought original research from a decade before to the party. Together we outlined the book and selected companies to profile. Then I combined his research with more of my own to write the book. For each chapter, we discussed ideas, then I researched and wrote and Tom reviewed and gave final approval. Here’s what Tom thought of our project.

Rod is a top coach and trainer who works with mid-career individuals in his industry who want to dramatically improve performance. He wanted to profile top performers to create a book that’s popular in his niche, promotes his services, and anchors a complete product line. I helped design research tools, reviewed his transcribed interviews, researched and interviewed the people we profiled and wrote the core of the book. Rod reviewed my plans for each profile, as well as the final draft, usually adding comments and always making sure that I used the right language for his industry. Here’s what Rod thought of our project.

That gives you an idea of how my ghostwriting services can work, but you’ve got a unique situation so, when you’re ready, contact me about a free, no obligation, Options Review Session where I’ll answer whatever questions you’ve got about getting your book done.

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