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Idea Capture Tools

  |   Better Writing
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I bet you’ve had an experience something like this. You’re out for a walk, or maybe riding in an elevator, or maybe cleaning out the garage. Suddenly, BAM!, you get a great idea. You’re sure you’ll remember it because it’s so powerful, but by the time you get to your desk, you can’t  »  Read More

Creativity for Nonfiction Authors

  |   Writing A Book
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If you want to write a great book, you need to be creative. “Creative nonfiction” is a style of writing where you use fiction writing techniques to make nonfiction more interesting. That’s a powerful way to make your book better. Stories are the way human beings have been sharing ideas since we first crawled out  »  Read More

Dirty Little Secrets of Creativity and Your Book

  |   Writing A Book

Some things are predictable. Say I’m at a gathering with several people we don’t know. If they find out that I write for a living, someone is sure to ask me: “Do you think it’s true that everyone has a book inside them?” I know that question usually means, “I think I might like to write a book. Do you think  »  Read More

Creativity: Capturing your ideas

  |   Better Writing

“I need to start recording things.” Michael Wade comes to that conclusion at the end of his post, “Something about The Meaning of Life.” He describes a situation that’s common to anyone who’s had a good idea. If you don’t capture it right away it disappears. Capture those  »  Read More

Writing Better: Learning from Nucor

  |   Better Writing

Nucor gets a lot of things right Nucor is an impressive company. They’re the largest steelmaker in the United States. They’re also North America’s largest recycler of any material. They’re a pretty creative bunch, too. They’ve been responsible for several major technological breakthroughs, but  »  Read More

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