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Why You Need a Professional Editor for Your Self-Published Book

  |   Book Publishing

Your book needs a professional editor. A professional editor is someone whose business is editing. A professional is not your cousin who majored in English. It’s not your friend who is “good with words.” A professional editor is someone whose business is editing. Of course, that means that a professional editor  »  Read More

Different Kinds of Editing and Different Kinds of Editors

  |   Writing A Book

Here’s part of George’s email: “I’m confused. I’m done writing my book and I know I need a professional editor. But what kind? What’s the difference between a developmental editor, a content editor, a copy editor, and a proofreader? Help!” When I was cutting my teeth as a young  »  Read More

Writing Tip: Starting Over

  |   Better Writing

The article just wouldn’t work. After the first draft, I tweaked it and twisted it and edited it over and over, but it still didn’t work. I called my mother. My mother was a writer, so calling her about a writing problem made sense. I’d get some of that Mom Wisdom and emotional support, plus good writing  »  Read More

Writing a book: Why Greg’s book is pretty awful

  |   Writing A Book

Greg’s a nice guy and I liked him, but his book is simply dreadful. A mutual friend convinced me to talk to Greg because his mystery novel wasn’t selling. Greg was sure that all he needed was “some marketing tricks” to change all that. Before we chatted, I took a look at a copy he had sent me. The  »  Read More

How many times did you revise that?

  |   Better Writing

“How many times did you revise that?” The question fit the context. We were discussing revision during a coaching session. My client was asking about two versions of a blog post, done on two different blogs. I wrote “Ernest Hemingway’s Lost Manuscripts” on my leadership blog. The point was to  »  Read More

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